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About J Hall Drafting and Design

J Hall Drafting and Design is a fully qualified house plan drawing service founded by James Hall in 2004. Upon completing his diploma in drafting and design at The University of the Fraser Valley, James started his career as a draftsman. Having gained a myriad of experience under the employment of large architectural and civil drafting firms, James decided to further his career by starting his own private enterprise J Hall Drafting and Design. Business owners can attest that aside from the potential financial benefits, the journey to running a successful business is a long and arduous task. The culmination of time spent working as a builder and as a designer has granted James the unique ability to transcend the boundaries of both design and building construction. 

Check out our gallery of images - each building has its own assortment of images with different shots of before, after and during the process.

A growing list of satisfied customers and completed designs (please see our gallery) have now given rise to J. Hall Drafting and Design – aspiration for innovative home plan design.

We utilize the very latest in design apparatus and Auto Cad engineering software aiming to form your ideas into highly detailed specified drawings legitimized by current building laws stipulated by B.C. building codes and practices. Attention to detail is key in the process of design and with the help of technology this process can be completed from the comfort of your own home if you choose or in our professional office.


 “Starting my own business has given me the freedom to branch out my ideas allowing me the opportunity to further my vision to a wider range of construction and building concepts. What I enjoy most about being a draftsman is how my clients are able to see the development of their vision behind/beyond the fabric of the building”.